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Allston Brighton Youth Hockey Team Selection and Non-Resident Policy



Allston Brighton Youth Hockey is a recreational organization committed to each of its players' long-term skill development, personal development, and love of the game. While our program is growing and there has been increased interest from families in the surrounding communities, our number one priority will always remain the youth and families of Allston and Brighton. In order to assure that we are providing the best program for our families, the ABYH Board of Directors has set down the following team selection and out of town player policies.



The tryout registration fee is $50 for Travel Teams ($25 for Midgets and U16/U19 Girls).  Current players must be in good financial standing in order to tryout. Please contact us with any question regarding outstanding balances. The Tryout fee is non-refundable.

There is no tryout fee for Mites and Girls Under-8 teams.

The purpose of tryouts is to evaluate a player's skating ability, hockey skills and commitment to teamwork in order to place him or her within a team that will provide the best environment for improving their self-confidence and enjoyment of the sport of ice hockey. A Board-approved committee of evaluators using a standardized scoring system will assess skating ability and hockey skills at each level during scheduled tryout sessions. All levels will include a scrimmage component as part of the evaluation process. Tryouts for all travel teams (Squirt-Bantam) will be held in the spring as close as possible to season's end. The Board of Directors is responsible for establishing the rules and formats associated with the tryout sessions.


Team Selection Policy


  • Teams will be selected by a committee appointed by the Board of Directors with input from team coaches.


  • There must be at least 5 Allston or Brighton residents on a roster in order to field a team. Players who began in ABYH and have since moved to another zip code will be considered as residents.


  • Each team may be comprised of a maximum of 15 skaters and 2 goalies. For ABYH to field a team there must be a minimum of 10 skaters and 1 goalie.

** The only exception to the team maximum would be more than 15 residents, at which point the Board would need to take action and decide on the best resolution for all players, teams coaches, etc.


  • Sibling/Relative exemptions will be made to assure better convenience for families.

** The above only applies to players within the same ages group. Players are NOT allowed to play up or down a level.


  • All team selections are final. If you would like to appeal your son/daughter’s team placement please submit a written appeal to



Non-Resident Players Policy


  • Any family that started in Allston Brighton Youth Hockey as residents and have since moved to a new zip code will NOT be considered non-residents.


  • Players from all communities are welcome to tryout for Allston Brighton Youth Hockey teams


  • Non-residents, who have played 1 full season with Allston Brighton Youth Hockey and are planning to return, will be given preference over prospective non-residents.


  • Prospective non-residents will be offered spots once Residents and returning non-residents have been placed on teams.


  • All non-residents will be required to pay an additional non-resident fee of $300.00